Untitled, by Alex Lowe ... Ch 3

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Chapter Three ...

That was it for us.  We knew where we had it good.  And so begins our story.

What?  You thought that was the story?  Far from it.  That was just how we all met.  We were just an ordinary, next-door kind of three-person-couple.  We watched movies, ate dinner, fucked constantly – the stuff normal couples do.  Well … maybe not all normal couples.  I mean how many couples do you know that play regularly with double penetration and some humiliation?

Okay, I will explain.  We like to play games.  We make them up, in fact.  Call it a hangover from childhood.  In childhood, we might have pretended to be a vending machine, or a flight attendant, or a laundromat.  Now, we were playing puppies, and tables, and fucktoys.  Much hotter, believe me.  Actually, maybe some of our games might help to explain … what happened later.  I think we all wanted to figure that out – none of us could make sense of it at first.  It just came out of nowhere ...

Okay, sorry, I won’t get sidetracked.  Games.  We love them!  They don’t have names or anything, but we all knew which was which.  We’d give each other these coy little hints whenever one popped into our head.  For example, Lily might be watching TV, and sigh loudly and say, “Damn, I’m horny.”  Subtle, I know!  But it wasn’t just a statement.  It was an invitation, to a game she loved.  She would sit very still, watching TV as though nothing was happening, while Steve and I moved closer.  We might sit on either side of her, or start on the floor and work upwards, or any positions we felt like.  We’d stroke her with our fingers, first her calves, then thighs, then higher and wetter.  We’d kiss her ears, her neck, her collarbone … working our way forwards until Steve’s fingers were playing in Lily’s cunt and my mouth was sucking her breast, he darting his tongue in her ear and my hands slowly sliding towards her gorgeous ass.  The challenge was for Lily to pretend nothing at all was happening, and keep quiet while she watched whatever was on TV.  There was no real winner – if we made her come, she had to make both of us come as her forfeit, but if she refused to give in, usually Steve and I just jumped on Lily or each other and started fucking away anyway.  Eventually we would all get involved, no matter what, but the fun part was the endless, endless teasing.

Actually, now that I think about it, a lot of our games involved teasing.  Unsurprising, I guess – it’s one of the most fun activities that doesn’t involve penetration (unless it does!).  Another of our most frequent games came about spontaneously one night in bed, after Lily decided to stick her fingers in my cunt, and when I moaned in surprise and delight, she giggled and said, “Shhh!”, looking at Steve, still asleep beside us.  As I laughed quietly I understood - she didn’t want to wake him up.  I squirmed on her hand as silently and with as little movement as possible.  After a little while Lily had to put her other hand over my mouth, but still the bed shook.  Steve rolled over, but didn’t wake.  I got closer.  Lily pressed her body against mine, sharing with me this intimate moment, our naked breasts pressing, skin against skin, as I felt the waves of sensation beginning to crest and break … “What do you naughty girls think you are doing?”  Steve’s voice cut through my reverie, and temporarily took the wind out of my sails.  Lily’s hand, however, didn’t leave my pussy – my muscles clenched around her fingers and she continued her little wiggles and minute twists.  Steve just looked at us, still, finally noticing that Lily’s hand had not stopped moving.  My face was giving me away – I was getting closer again, just moments away from coming. "Oh fuck, yes," he whispered, in awe, like he'd been dreaming this exact thing and had woken up to find it coming true. What would he do now?  I wondered, somewhere in the background as my pelvis began to tense and shake.  Eventually he made up his mind.  He knelt up on the bed, towering over our supine bodies, still pressed against each other, legs entwined and hand in cunt.  Steve’s cock, pink and hard, stood erect inches from our faces.  The sight of it brought me closer and closer to the vital point, my legs beginning to tremble as Steve wrapped his fist around his shaft and began to stroke.  My moans, out loud now, filled the room.  My head rolled back, my back arched, my mouth dropped open and my ears filled with my own cries of mounting ecstasy.  Lily wrapped her free arm around my waist, pressing me to her, her lips on my throat as the first peak of sensation jolted my body, my loud cries echoing around the room, mixing, I now realised, with Steve’s own, who was still watching the spectacle as though it were his own private porno.  Seconds later, while I writhed as though electrified, Steve’s hot come hit my face, dripped down my cheek, down Lily’s forehead, into our hair, entangled together and now both sticky and wet.  It was one of the most intimate moments of my entire life – my girlfriend’s hand in my cunt, and our boyfriend’s spunk on our faces.  It took me a few moments to recover from what had been an mind-numbingly intense orgasm, but once I did I came around to find a beautiful sweet sight – Lily licking stray droplets of come from my face, and Steve licking it from hers.  I lifted Lily’s hand and licked my own juices off her fingers.  Steve's tongue joined mine, then Lily's, and then Steve and I jumped on Lily and fucked her like she deserved. 

After that first time, the three of us would play on variations of the Silent Game, fucking each other while trying not to wake the other one up - but never really minding it if we did. We all got really turned on by waking up to see the other two fucking beside us, and always joined in, or jerked off while watching. It was amazing stuff - it may sound strange but we really bonded by doing this stuff together. We trusted one another so much back then, before that trust was tested. That's how we fell in love, through sex games. It's true!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the lovey-dovey stuff.  Let me tell you about a game that was decidedly unromantic – at least in the classical sense.  In my head I referred to it as the Dinner Game.  Put simply, Lily had a thing for wanting to be our furniture.  Sounds weird?  Well, weird is relative.  We were just having fun.  Lily would lie on the floor, face up with knees bent, face down with legs spreadeagled, or kneeling on all fours.  We would place our food directly on her body to eat – never hot food!  Just sushi, or toast, or a bowl of cereal.  She had to keep still while we ate it off her.  If we were feeling really evil we could invade her while we did it – eating a cool soup with one hand, and pumping fingers in and out of her pussy or mouth with the other.  Sometimes, Steve would take a stick of celery, for example, and jam it in her ass to keep there for the duration of the meal.  Once, he took an entire carrot, peeled and whole, and forced Lily to deep throat it before taking it back for he and I to share.  If she spasmed or jerked, and dropped or spilled the food, she’d be “punished” – which usually led to another game, such as fucking all her holes with various food and implements; or if we were lucky, Steve would choose the Endurance Game, one of my personal favourites.

Lily likes restraints.  I mean, really loves them.  She can come harder and longer and louder when her wrists are tied up than at any other time.  So Steve brought home a new couch one day.  We needed one, so it wasn’t a huge surprise.  The surprise came later, when Lily was sitting and admiring how the fabric felt on her naked ass (a very important aspect of any new furniture). Out of nowehere, Steve grabbed her arms and held them out over the back of the couch.  He reached in between the cushion and seat back, and pulled out … cuffs!  Beautiful, soft kid leather and suede cuffs that he had somehow bolted into the very structure of the new sofa.  They extended up out of the sofa’s depths on slender chains, just long enough to allow Lily’s hands to rest comfortably over the back of the couch, but not long enough to let her bring her arms together or bend them very much. 

“Leisl, honey, can you reach under the couch for me, and see what you can find?”  I gasped with delight, knowing instantly what I was looking for.  There they were – ankle cuffs!  I drew them out and fastened the butter-soft leather buckles around our darling girl’s feet.  She sighed with pleasure, her arms stretched out beside her and her legs spread apart, deliciously filling the room with the scent of her immediate arousal. 

“You like the cuffs, my beautiful?”  Steve asked.  She nodded and smiled, happily bound.  Steve continued, “Good.  I hope they are comfortable to stay in for a while.”  What he had said didn’t really register with me for a moment, but then Steve made his meaning clear.  He moved around the back of the new sofa, seated himself on a stool, clamped one hand around Lily’s mouth and the other on her beautiful huge breast.  He began sucking her earlobe, kissing her neck and pinching her nipple, not wasting any time teasing Lily as much as possible.  Every time she moaned, he tightened his grip on her mouth momentarily, jerking her head just enough to make clear he wasn’t going to put up with that.  She soon understood and fell silent, though still writhing as much as she could with her limbs bound.  Steve didn’t even need to click his fingers to tell me what he wanted from me – I had wanted it just as much, from the second Lily’s thighs had parted and her delicious cunt had been exposed.  I knelt down, driven by pure lust and desire, my mouth salivating at the thought of her pussy’s wet, musky flavour.  I felt the way you do when you’ve just had a wonderful meal, and the dessert is placed in front of you; that moment before you dig the spoon in and savour every mouthful.  I gently kissed around Lily’s pussy, licking lightly over her thighs and over her stomach.  She panted like a dog when I began to get closer, planting my kisses and my little laps a little bit nearer to her burning cunt hole each time.  By the time I reached out my tongue, and took the first sweet lick of her incredible taste, she moaned so loudly I thought she might actually have come.  I looked up, and saw Steve remove his hand from her mouth, and whisper into her ear.  He waved his hand at me as if to say, “Continue with your meal.”  So I dove my tongue into my mouthwatering dessert, my girlfriend’s wet dripping pussy.  Somewhere above me, I heard Steve’s voice: “My girls, you will do what you are doing for as long as you can.  Lily, Leisl is going to have her tongue in you for as long as you can stand it.  I am going to go fetch the car from the mechanic.  When I come back, I want to see tongue in cunt, and I do not want you to have stopped even for a moment, is that clear?  If you come, Lily, just know that Leisl will not stop.  She will keep licking you, even if you come five more times and have to beg her to stop.  She won’t.  So it’s probably best for you if you don’t come.  How does that sound?”

“But baby!”  Lily whimpered, “I can’t control it!  I’ve never been able to control whether I do or don’t, and you know it,”  She slumped miserably around me, my lips still massaging her clit.

“Well, there’s an easy solution to that,” said Steve, delightedly, as he pulled his phone out and started to fiddle with it, “You will have to work together to make sure you can each go as long as possible.  If either of you stop, neither of you will be allowed to come.  If either of you come, neither of you will be allowed to stop.” He turned around, and I could hear the telltale little Bip! as he switched on his phone’s video camera.  He was filming us.  It wasn’t the first time.  He walked over and  stood next to me, watching me lick his girlfriend’s cunt.  I looked up at him, twisting my head around with difficulty as I still had my tongue inside Lily.  Steve grinned, and left.

At first, the game seemed too good to be true.  Keep eating out my girlfriend as long as I wanted?  Not even having to stop if she came?  Brilliant!  Ever since my first experience with pussy-licking, I had never been able to get enough of it.  I could lick and kiss, slurp and drink, fuck her with my tongue and tease her little clit as much and for as long as my heart desired, and I was in heaven.  Lily, on the other hand, was not.

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh, GOD,”  she moaned, a constant soundtrack to my perfect pussy-dessert.  Now and then I would hear, “Oh, slow, slow, slow, that’s it, hold back, don’t let me …”  She was in pain, the poor girl.  When she couldn’t take it, I licked around the area; her thighs, her pubic hair, her asshole.  Everything excited her.  By the time I got back to her magnificent cunt she was practically at the edge again.  Eventually she couldn’t leave it at all; she was so aroused nothing could slow her down, She gave in.  “Oh fuck it!  Aaaaaannnnhhh …” Her pelvis convulsed, lifted from the sofa and I grabbed the opportunity to slip two of my fingers in her asshole.  She came so hard around my tongue and fingers I could feel it in my own pussy.  I'm telling you, that woman is seriously sexy when she is coming on your face.

Eventually, she came back down to earth.  Her breathing slowed, her flushed skin unflushed.  Still, I licked and sucked.  Her cunt hadn’t stopped gushing her delicious juices, and I drank and swallowed them like nectar.  Lily was calmer now, but still agitated.  “Oh, Leisl, oh, oh, honey, mmm, yes …” She was riding waves of pleasure, I knew – up and down little peaks and troughs of sensation.  She wouldn’t last long before she was back at the precipice.  I tried to go slow, because I loved her.  I softened my tongue, and drove it deep into her.  She tilted her pelvis slightly so I had a better angle.  Now this, this was different – this was intimate, and sweet.  My nose was in her clit, my chin between her ass cheeks.  I breathed through my nose, pumped and wiggled my buried tongue, and felt like I’d found my life’s true calling.

This time, Lily didn’t bother asking me to slow down.  She clamped her knees together as far as the cuffs would let her, which was hardly at all, and screamed for all she was worth.  Her cries of intense ecstasy went on and on, like a porn movie, and made my own pussy pulsate in response. 

Every now and then I would swallow a mouthful of her juices, which served to heighten the feeling that I was feasting on Lily as a meal, as a beverage, as a musky, warm pudding. I got into a comfortable groove - my hands under her ass, my fingers lightly playing around her asshole, my face buried in her cunt and my tongue deep, deep inside her. I knew I would be like this for a while - the mechanic our car was being serviced by was at least 15 minutes away by taxi. Steve would be nearly there by now, and still had to come back again. I settled in for a fun ride.

Lily's cries, moans, screams and sobs never abated. She was a mess by now, flailing her bound limbs as far as they would go, sobbing louder each time she pulled on her chains and realised she was trapped. She began to cry, begging me to stop, the next moment crying my name and asking me to keep going forever and ever. Never stop, Leisl, lick me, suck me, I am yours, my cunt is all yours, I want to come in your mouth, she sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. I obliged, of course, feeling that I could die here and now and feel fine, Lily's pussy was my new home and I belonged there forever. We had both lost track of how many times she had come, she was crying openly now and my face was entirely covered in her sticky white juices. Still I sucked, and licked, and wiggled and played. I wasn't going to stop just because she cried - she wouldn't want me to and we both knew it. I felt that my licking and teasing had become a suckling - her cunt was the source of my oxygen and I needed to be buried in it in order to breathe. Neither of us had any concept of how much time had passed in this delicious, single-minded world we now inhabited.

Bang - the door slammed shut. Steve walked in humming and we, still sucking and crying, waited for him to acknowledge us. He looked over for a moment - I felt him pause behind us, and then moved over to his phone on the little table. He picked it up - Bip! again as he stopped the recording - and sat down on the couch beside Lily. He swiped a few times, and suddenly we heard Lily's own noises from earlier coming from the tiny speakers. I could see Steve in my peripheral vision, though I didn't dare remove my face from my sweet girl's pussy. Steve reached down and unzipped his jeans, releasing his already hard cock into his hand. He held the phone with the other hand as he watched the video, stroking in time to Lily's recorded cries. She, above and around me, seemed to gain a new peak of excitement at seeing Steve jerking off to herself. He didn't even look over at the live show beside him.
Five minutes in, Steve was stroking furiously and talking to himself, as we knew he liked to do when helping himself.  "Oh fuck what a little slut she is. She fucking loves her pussy being invaded by tongue. The little whore can't get enough of her wet little cunt being sucked. Fuck ... I need to fuck something right now." He stood up, and looked over at us. He didn't try to make eye-contact; we all knew we two girls were just fucktoys to him right now, a series of holes for him to fuck and fill with come. I wondered which one he would choose.
"FUCK," he said, loudly, to himself, "Pussy, asshole, mouth? A buffet of fucking slut-holes to use." With a decisive movement, he bent down and grabbed a handful of my hair, lifting my face from my juicy meal. I knew better than to struggle. Lily whimpered as he dove his fingers into her pussy, bringing them down to shove them into my ass. Again and again he did it, lubricating my asshole with Lily's pussy juice. He could have used mine, as I was dripping down my thighs by this point, but he knew what he wanted, and that turned us all on the most - Steve doing with us as he wished and taking from us whatever he pleased. Finished with his task, he wiped his wet fingers on my back, pushed my head back down to the cunt I had been missing already, and shoved his cock quickly and easily into my ass. In one hand he still held his phone, still playing back to us the sounds of his earlier entertainment. He didn't last long.
"Fuck, yes, goddamn you fucking horny little sluts!" He roared, as he pumped his immense pleasure into my ass. We all stilled as he did, my tongue finally resting deep in Lily's cunt, knowing I was going to have to withdraw soon. As Steve drew his cock back, I pulled back my head, wondering what was coming next. I hoped it was me.

"Okay," he said to me, pulling me to my feet by my hair, "Get on." He indicated behind me, turning my body to face his, and pushing me into Lily, backwards. What was he planning? I thought - but I didn't have to wonder long.
"Lily, you want my come too?" He asked. It was rhetorical - of course she wanted it. But he'd never fed it to her from such a dish before. As his hands manipulated me into the position he wanted, with my hands either side of Lily's knees and my ass high in the air facing her, it became clear to both of us exactly what he had in mind.

"Drink, then." She paused; I knew she was hesitating, but just for a second. Her almost constant orgasms of the past hour had made her into a ball of horny putty for Steve to mould.  She leaned forward, I braced, and she drank.

For five minutes, Lily sucked my ass. I could feel her tongue inside me, her nose between my cheeks, feel her moans reverberate through my body through my anus. I had never had this done to me before, and I was amazed at how into it I was. I wanted her to suck my boyfriend's come from my asshole, mixed with her own delicious pussy juice, I wanted her to stick her tongue way inside me, feel my sphincter contract with pleasure around it. I hadn't even realised Steve had moved until I heard him unbuckle one of Lily's wrist restraints, and a moment later her fingers eagerly rubbed my clit. I came almost instantly, with a body-shaking orgasm that seemed to go on forever. When I came back down to earth, my beautiful girl's face was still buried in my ass. I climbed down, slowly.
"My god," was all I could croak out, as I curled up on the couch beside her. Steve was grinning like the cat that got the cream, even though we had been the ones to have enjoyed said cream the most. He quickly moved around and unbuckled the remaining cuffs binding Lily, and then came over and sat heavily between us on the sofa. He said nothing, just kept grinning.
"Thank you, honey," Lily was the first to speak. "That was ... just, wow." Steve laughed, a deep vibrating chest laugh that spoke volumes about how much he had loved what we had done in front of him. A question occurred to me.

"I thought you said you didn't want Lily to come, baby?" I looked up at Steve's beatific smile.

"Oh, yeah. That was just to get her fear pumping. You know she comes so much harder when she's scared."

Lily whimpered into Steve's lap, her face buried in his other knee, the one my head wasn't resting on.

"The problem is ..." she began, quietly. 

"Problem, gorgeous? Is there a problem?" Steve asked, gently. I remember worrying that we were having a health scare.

"Not problem, really ... um ... the thing is ... I want ..." We looked at her, silent, waiting.

"Don't get me wrong, I love you guys and I love our sex life. I do," She let out in a rush, "But I don't get to cry very often, or get hurt, you know, cos you know I love that, and I don't get to scream a lot. I want that. I want to cry in fear. I want to be terrified. I want to be ravished. I want ..." She sobbed, "... I want to be raped."

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