Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dances with Werewolves, by Niki Flynn

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Niki Flynn is a young woman on a journey into the dark heart of her own sexual fantasies. She is regularly restrained, spanked, caned, and whipped in the most notorious adult films of modern times—and she doesn't do it for financial gain or because she's a masochist. Niki Flynn makes extreme adult movies because of her curious and profound love of surrender and punishment. Her desires are all about authority and power in situations where she has none, where she is at the mercy of others who lack just that. And for the thrill of dread, anticipation, and the euphoria that follows when she admires the marks from the headmaster's cane or the pirate's whip, Niki Flynn is willing to endure torment. Flown to the secretive underground world of taboo filmmaking, this strange art has led her all over the world. From schoolgirl canings in England to spankings in California, from a Stasi interrogation in Germany to a forced haircut in Prague, Niki Flynn progressed to her darkest role ever—in Bratislava, where she danced with the fiercest werewolves of all.

Amazon lists this book as being available in Kindle and Paperback format.  I own it in paperback. 

 A fantastic story.  Flynn writes as well as any non-writer, and tells a story with a good amount of detail.  However, I felt that she jumped around a lot, and some elements I had trouble reconciling with her timeline.  There are a lot of characters in her life (as there are in any life) and I found this to be slightly confusing, not remembering who the different people were when they re-entered the story several chapters after leaving it.

The story itself, however, is gripping.  Flynn has had some fascinating experiences, and describes them in excruciating - literally - detail.   The scenes are easy to read and very titillating.  I actually got a few ideas from this book!  That said it's not wall-to-wall play scenes, so it's easy to read on the bus or at lunchtime.

I found this to be an immensely enjoyable read, and recommend it for those who love a filthy biography of an intelligent person with an interesting life.

Four cocks!

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