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I have been inspired to add the list below due to the high number of books that are very well-known within the community, and therefore are most commonly asked about. "Have you read this?" and "Are you going to review this?" are the questions I get asked, and while I have heard things about the books in question, I often have not read them yet, or cannot remember how I reviewed them!  So it's sort of like an FAQ :)

So here is a list of some of the best known books in the broad kink genre, and any comments I might have:

- The Loving Dominant, by John and Libby Warren
As you can see, I have read it.  I enjoyed it, but it is not what the title makes it appear (IMO).

- Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns, by Philip Miller and Molly Devon
I own this title, yes.  I have not yet reviewed it, as I need to be satisfied that I have read a book cover to cover before I can review it.  It is difficult to do that with this book, as it is a heavily instructional manual, and so quite dry to read all in one go.  It is a great book however, and I do recommend it. If you are considering purchasing this book, and own few instructional volumes on how to perform certain physical practices, go ahead and do it. It is worth it.

- The Better Built Bondage Book, by Douglas Kent, and 21st Century Kinkycrafts, ed. by Janet Hardy
I do not own these books.  However, I recommend them for one main reason: they fill a niche.  They are some of the only books of their kind on the market, believe it or not.  If you are interested in building or making your own kinky sex toys, go ahead and make these two books your first purchases.  The combination of the instructions in here and your own common sense make them an excellent investment.

- SM 101, by Jay Wiseman
Yes, I own this one.  I have not reviewed it, even though I have attempted to read it, and that is for a fairly selfish reason: I couldn't finish it.  I disliked the information and the writing so intensely that I couldn't stand to put up with it any more.  If you are considering purchasing this book as an overview of general BDSM practices, try instead My Other Self.  If you are reading it for an overview of D/s, try instead The Control Book.  Jay Wiseman, in my own opinion, is not worth your money or your time.

- SlaveCraft, by Guy Baldwin
Read it, enjoyed it, reviewed it. See link for my review.

- The Gor series, by John Norman
I am not interested in reading them.  They are not kink books, but fantasy fiction.  Those who practice the Gorean lifestyle are doing so for the philosophy and kinky aspect of that type of play; not because the Gor novels are some sort of Bible-y roadmap for the lifestyle.

- The Marketplace series, by Laura Antoniou
I have actually only read book one, The Marketplace.  I did enjoy it, but the second book goes off in another direction, and that took me by surprise.  I haven't managed to get into it.  I do recommend these books to anyone who enjoys well-written fiction, but be aware that they are very psychological and slave-oriented, and do not go deeply into punishment or physical play.  Lots of fun and wonderfully written.

-  The Ethical Slut, by Dossie Easton and Catherine A Liszt; and Opening Up, by Tristan Taormino
I have read both of these books.  I have tossed up whether I should review them, based on one seemingly simple question - are they kinky?  Me, personally - I don't consider a promiscuous or open/poly lifestyle as being inherently "kinky", and after all, that is what this blog is about.  Then again, there are a lot of social and philosophical overlaps between open and kinky lifestyles - many participating in one are also participating in the other (yours truly is one example). So - do I review them for those among us who are reading this blog who also happen to be interested in these books?  Perhaps.  I invite you all to cast your votes below - if I get enough comments asking me to review them, I shall do so.

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