Sunday, December 11, 2011

Owning Wednesday, by Annabel Joseph

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Wednesday is released by Vincent, her long-time Master, only to find herself in a new, much more emotionally intense BDSM relationship with Daniel. But is Vincent really out of her life forever? Can Wednesday bear the intimacy of her new lover's demands? The three soon find themselves in an uneasy and sometimes downright contentious love triangle.

Wednesday wants to submit to Daniel, but self-protective impulses and bad memories make their budding relationship a constant struggle. In a world of passion, promises, and power exchange, Wednesday and her lovers must come to understand the difference between being “owned” and loved.

Amazon lists this title as being available only in Kindle format.

Well.  This one was so easy to read, I read it in a day flat.  And that's with eating and sleeping and ... other things, too.  Well-written, with more of Joseph's signature three-dimensional characters and wonderfully believeable dialogue.  I love it.

This particular title focusses a lot on the emotional aspects of an intensely loving and committed, monogamous D/s dynamic.  As this is exactly the relationship I am in, I loved it, but it's not for those more ... hardcore inclined readers.  It does have some fantastic and engaging sex scenes, same as the other books, but with only one exception: they are between two people frantically in love with each other.  There is a lot of tenderness and emotion in this book, more than I found in the previous titles I have read by Joseph.

However, despite the touching love between the two protagonists, I'm going to have to mark this one down, only because it falls more into erotica than porn.  I like my hardcore, what can I say!

Four cocks ...

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