Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Encounters (The Diary of a submissive), by Robin Cotters

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Clare, a woman who's embraced a submissive lifestyle, reflects on her journey to love through sexual submission. In First Encounters, Clare describes her excitement, apprehension and awakening at the hand of her new boyfriend, Mark.

Over the course of several weeks, Clare begins to learn what it means to be owned by someone, and the consequences when that ownership is questioned.

Kindle only format.

This is pretty rubbish.  It's just a short story (which I knew) but it sounded like it could at least be a true story.  Not only is it not true (which is fine), it's not even good (which is inexcusable).

It is set in an unnamed, middle-America town with cardboard characters and 2-dimensional dialogue.  Really unimaginative and with horribly generic details.

At one point, during a diary entry "from 1983", Clare was "watching a reality program on her laptop".  Sorry?  Is that the same 1983 in which my family got their first Apple IIe and routinely used a Commodore Vic-20?

Just awful.  Don't even bother with the 99c it costs.

No cocks :(

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