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Mercy's Fate - The Submission of Melody, by M M Napolitano

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This is a novel of explicit erotica focusing mainly on the sensual submission of a woman to the affections of a Dominant man. It is based on the true life experiences of a REAL couple as they began to explore the D/s Lifestyle. This work includes graphic depictions of extreme sexual contact, domestic discipline, and corporal punishment. All sexual scenarios contained within represent the interactions of adults, and are consensual in nature.
Melody is a pretty housewife, a little on the chubby side, whose husband of twenty years has forgotten that she exists. He has had several affairs in the last few years, treating his wife more like a housekeeper than a soul mate. Melody works with a man named Marcus, and has been having some intense sexual fantasies about him ever since they met.
Marcus is a sexual Dominant who enjoys teasing and shocking his female co-workers with tales of his exploits with "submissive" women. What he doesn't know is that Melody, the shy quiet woman who works next to him, has been longing for him to make her one of those submissive women! One day Melody accidentally expresses her desire for him out loud. Marcus responds by sweeping her up in a whirlwind of sex, spanking, and submission. As the story progresses, Marcus and Melody become more romantically involved as their attraction to each other grows beyond the physical.

Amazon lists this title as being available in paperback and Kindle format.  I read it on my Kindle.

- How kinky?
Well, it's pretty kinky.  It covers the usual bases, like spanking, whipping, cumslut themes, ownership and training.  Thereare some rarer topics in there too, such as bathroom voyeurism (under the guise of training).  So it does cover the full gamut.

- How sexy?
Sorry to say, not very.  Reads a lot like a stream-of-consciousness, which means it's also not very eloquent or poetic.  Slightly childish in tone, or perhaps naive is the word.  It starts and stops, jumps between past and present, action and thought, which disrupts the flow and therefore one's concentration on the scene at hand.

- How inspiring?
Not a lot.  Sad to say, many of the scenes depicted here are fairly standard fare in much of the fiction I have read, and due to the style of the writing I wasn't particularly inspired to recreate or fantasise about the characters or scenes.

- How engaging?
Got to be honest - not very.  I truly don't think I would have wanted to finish it at all, if I hadn't promised to do so for this review.  I just wasn't very invested in the characters - their individual journeys, while obviously taking place in real life, were not depicted well in the writing.  Their development as human beings wasn't put across in a way that made me want to cheer them on, or know what happened next.  I was, to put it bluntly, uninterested.

- How well executed?
Ah, the kicker.  Not well written at all.  The idea of it being written in the double-handed first person was actually a stroke of brilliance, and I loved the idea, I really did.  But neither voice was particularly compelling, well-spoken, or even well-punctuated - a cardinal sin!  I got that there was an interesting story to be related here, but the writing was repetitive, sloppy, badly edited and ineloquent.  The endless overuse of ridiculous euphemisms like "kitty" for pussy, "bummy" for ass, and one of the worst, "marshmallows" for ass-cheeks was so off-putting, I felt like laughing out loud at points in the story where I shouldn't have wanted to laugh.  I could continue, but suffice to say, overall this book really could have benefitted from some professional editing services. 

- Overall reaction 
I think I've made my point.  I really did not enjoy this book at all, and I won't be buying the sequel, Mercy's Fortune.

Half a cock from me :(

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