Thursday, January 9, 2014

Discipline: Adding Rules & Discipline To Your BDSM Relationship, by Lily Lloyd

NOTE:  Unfortunately the title itself seems to be unavailable through Amazon.  There are reviews all over the net, but where can one purchase this book?  I'm not sure.  I would like to offer any readers who ask, a copy of this book on PDF.  I will not take payment for this.  If the publishers would like to contact me regarding this, please do so, as I have tried to contact them regarding purchase information without success.   Please use the comment section below.

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Have you been trying BDSM in the bedroom, but you're curious about spreading the connection and passion you've found there to the rest of your life?

Does the word "strict" turn you on? Intrigued by a discipline dynamic?

Or did you start out with a lot of rules and good intentions only to find that it didn't work out?

There are lots of books about how to tie a knot or swing a flogger -- but Discipline is about building a kinky relationship that works.

Discipline: Adding Rules & Discipline To Your BDSM Relationship will show you how to build rules together that are hot, sexy, and enhance your relationship. 

Amazon no longer appears to list this title.  The author's blog,, also appears to be missing.  Does anyone have any info on this mystery?

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- How kinky?
Well, it's about power exchange within BDSM relationships.  So there's an assumed amount of kink there.  The book itself is mostly about rules and discipline (surprise, surprise), so I suppose it depends on what you define as kinky.

- How sexy?
This one isn't, because it's more or less a self-help book. That in no way diminishes its brilliance.

- How informative?
Very.  This is where we really get going.  This book is AMAZING.  I have been in the lifestyle for over ten years and I learned a lot from this book.  Not that I'm the most knowledgable player on the block - I might be somewhere in the middle? - but this book has so much to teach those of us who have a tendency to think, Maybe I know this stuff already.  Nope!  And even if you do, it never hurts to refresh the basic lessons - humility, dignity, self-improvement.

- How engaging?
Very.  I read parts of it while at work, and hated to have to put it down again!  The quality of the info and the standard of the writing really make you want to know what topics are going to be covered next, and what the author has to say about them.  Even her phrasing made me think of things in a new light - I highlighted quite a few passages in this book for later review.

- How well executed?

Brilliant.  As I mentioned, the quality of this book is really high.  The author is clearly very intelligent, and knows her stuff - even if just through her own experiences.  The University of Life is more important than any degree, and this author shows us that experience, and mistakes, are some of the best teachers for this lifestyle.
- Overall reaction
Fantastic.  I have added it to the Key Kit, as I believe it is a seminal text in its niche.  If you have any interest in discipline as a lifestyle, from any perspective, read this.  It's wonderful.

Five cocks!


Ask me for this book if:

  • You are attempting to add a D/s dynamic to a burgeoning relationship, or if you think yourself/your Dom or sub needs to brush up on the basics.
  • You feel you might be in need of some study material in the field of discipline, submission or even just how to live in a relationship with rules.

Contact me to obtain this book on PDF or ePUB: 

dirtyfilthybookslut at gmail dot com 

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  1. Substantial information is hard to find on this author, and it's a little worrisome. You're right, every lead has gone dark. Blog links, Fetlife profiles, the works. I'd love to read this book if it's the seminal work you say.

  2. Hi N Zot,

    Thanks for your comment. Yep, it is worrying, and I cannot figure out how a person who gets a book published can disappear so thoroughly from the internet afterwards.

    If you'd like me to send you a copy, email me at: dirtyfilthybookslut at gmail dot com. I can then send you a PDF or ePUB file. I will not take payment for this.