Saturday, September 13, 2014

Long overdue ...

Hi all!

I apologise for not updating more often.  I have struggled recently with some mental health issues, and was focussing on getting that side of my life (ie my brain) back on the rails.

Now that I'm feeling much better (hooray!), I am going to be working hard to bring you all new reviews as soon as humanly possible.  Reading around the clock - it's a hard life! :)

In the meantime, I would like to point Australian readers in the direction of an absolutely fantastic new find of mine - a magazine called Sneaky.  It's truly of our time - their topic tagline is "Sex, music, film, fashion, life, art and activism".  You can probably guess which area interests me most.  Plus they swear openly and have a regular column by a sex worker.  Their 11th issue was the Sex and Death issue.  Huzzah for sex-positivism!

Check them out here:

(No, I haven't been paid for this.  I just really love them and don't want to see them go the way of so many indie, niche magazines - ie down the toilet.)

Watch this space for more book reviews very soon!

- DFBS, aka Alex Lowe

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