Saturday, September 3, 2011

Owned and Owner, by Anneke Jacob

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A story of unconditional slavery, told from inside a woman’s bound and naked skin. Far in the future exists a world of men, a planet where the only women are rare and exotic pets. These few women, convicted of crimes, have chosen their punishment: slavery on Henth. The few men who buy them know what they are getting: eager submissives, willing to accept the status of animals in order to be owned by men. Etrin is a young woman who makes this choice; Garid is the man who buys her. Their story is one of dominance and submission taken as far as the imagination can go. Long prior to the time of the book, Henth’s colonizers split along gender lines, and the women removed themselves to a separate planet. The two societies have almost lost sight and memory of each other, except for the rare occasions when a woman chooses slavery on Henth over the alternative punishment on her home planet. Driven by a deep need for submission, Etrin pushes her misbehaviour year after year, knowing that she’ll eventually be sent to Henth. When finally convicted and sentenced for her crimes, the bound Etrin is overwhelmed by her first contact with the men on the planet Henth. Soon transferred to the care of animal handlers, she’s caged for transport along with the other exotic pets, and prepared for the auction that will determine her new owner. Once Garid purchases his new pet, Etrin goes through stages of acceptance and the relinquishment of self as she faces the strict demands required of her. Meanwhile, Garid, driven and possessive, establishes a sense of ownership strong enough that he is finally able to share her. Readers learn of Etrin’s struggles in the form of first-person introspection, and Garid’s as he talks with his friend Therin, another dominant. This beautifully crafted novel delves deeply into the psychology and emotions associated with dominance and submission.

Amazon lists this as being available in Kindle and Paperback formats. I read it on my Kindle.

Another good fiction novel. Not to my kink tastes, but very well-written and with plenty of good background. One thing that kept striking me as I was reading it was, A good alternative to Gor, if Gor doesn't strike your fancy (as it never has with me).

Some great animal-play scenes here, as well as group, furniture, etc. Lots of kinks catered for in here, and with a good amount of detail, too. It *is* technically a kinky romance novel, but this goes deeper than that. I really did enjoy seeing the characters grow and develop.

Four cocks!

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