Sunday, November 27, 2011

Diary of a Sex Fiend: Girl With a One Track Mind, by Abby Lee

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A sensational bestseller in England, here is the revealing diary of a young woman honest enough to put all of her sexual thoughts and erotic emotions in print.
Who says men think about sex more than women do? Abby Lee is a smart, determined young woman who for almost three years has been writing an online journal about her sex life. Her writing is everything that writing about sex should be—frank, hysterical, provocative, and completely honest. Her website quickly attracted thousands of hits a day, with both men and women drawn to her observations about masturbation, one-night stands, and same-sex encounters. Girl with a One Track Mind is a year-long diary of Abby’s desires, fantasies, and anxieties as she tries to answer the question: why do I always think about sex? Celebrating both her sensuality and her physical needs, Abby explores a swingers’ club and a Dominatrix dungeon, and even participates in a pre-arranged three-way (which ends without any satisfaction for her). In between her new experiences are run-ins with lifelong friends; potential romances; and long, frustrating nights when all she really wants is a “great shag.” Whether she’s offering a girl’s guide to understanding date-speak or explaining to her parents why there’s a racy picture of her on their computer, Abby writes with a ribald eye and a fearless heart. lists this as being available in Kindle and paperback editions.  I read it on my Kindle. 

This book is so vanilla I actually chose to sleep instead of read - shocking!  Seriously, this girl needs to get a life.  She is voracious in bed, certainly, and the explicit scenes she only touches on (never really delves into) are juicy and fun.  But she is so mired down in the social expectations of being good and chaste that she just comes off as self-loathing:  "What would they say if they knew I was such a sex fiend?  Why am I such a sex fiend?"  And other pointless, boring and inane chatter about her sex drive.  Coming from a point of view of, Why question it?  Just enjoy it!  I felt really uncomfortable with her constant self-exploratory rambling.

Not only that, but she is judgemental as all hell.  At one point, a foot fetishist approaches her on the street to admire and compliment her lowest appendages.  She proceeds to ask herself, "Why do I only ever get approached by weirdos?"  or some such claptrap.  I actually felt offended by her published opinions at times.  By all means, be judgmental in your own head, but this edition was published after she had been exposed and her name attached to it!  I was pretty damn angry at this point.

She doesn't seem to know how to communicate.  She spends half the book trying to figure out if this bloke she likes fancies her back, but never actually asks him about it.  She assumes she thinks about sex more than any other woman, but doesn't seem to have enough conversations with women to justify this odd belief (I myself don't have friendships with women, either, but at least I'm not so self-involved as to think I'm the only one of anything).   She also makes assumptions and broad generalisations about "men", as though they're a different species.  She assumes men don't like her because of the number of people she's slept with, but doesn't ask any of them if that's actually the reason, or if it's just cos, you know, she's fugly.  She assumes ... blah, blah, blah, vomit.

Overall, a bit of a waste of time.  It has inspired me to go back to an old favourite before launching my mouse on unknown "porn" writers again.

One cock.  Boo!

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