Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Other Self: Sexual fantasies, fetishes and kink, by Dr Angela Lewis

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After four years of researching digital dungeons and online communities, social researcher and author Dr. Angela Lewis emerges with a book brimming with information about sexual deviations practised everywhere - from exotic purpose built playpens to the most ordinary of suburban bedrooms.

MY OTHER SELF is an intrepid anthology of the secret and sometimes bizarre sexual lives quietly practised by millions of everyday people. As these ordinary folk tell their stories it becomes obvious that the world of kinky sex is far from the exclusive domain of rock stars, movie goddesses and politicians.

By relying on the anonymity provided by the internet, Dr. Lewis was able (to) reach an extraordinary level of cooperation with the people she interviewed. Their detailed testimonials make My Other Self a unique piece of social research unparalled in its category, providing a wealth of information to those who may be curious about what goes on behind closed doors.

This provocative book explores the secret lives of those enjoying an array of sexual deviations: from leather, teeth, diapers and long fingernails, to spanking and hairy armpits. As well as real-life stories and insights, it contains explanatory background information, links to related interests, jargon and search terms and is easy for the reader to dip in and out and move around.

Recommended by the counselling community, MY OTHER SELF is much more than just another book about erotica as it seeks to establish a much needed dialogue around society's understanding and acceptance of alternative sexual interests.

Amazon lists this title as being available in paperback and Kindle format.  I read it on my Kindle.

- How kinky?
Well, it’s a book about kinks!  It is literally an investigation of paraphilias, from acrotomophilia to zoophilia. 

- How sexy?
There’s no sex in here.  It’s more like an encyclopaedia.

- How informative?
Extremely!  I learnt so much from this book.  There are fetishes in here I didn’t even know about!  And of the ones I already knew existed, I learnt details about them that were completely new to me.  Dr Lewis is very thorough, and comes across as completely non-judgmental.  She even has jargon legends, cross-references and suggested search terms.  The personal accounts by interviewees added another dimension to a book that could have been a bit one-sided otherwise.

- How engaging?

Well, more than a general encyclopaedia, but less than a novel.  It is naturally in sections, a few pages for each fetish, so it’s easy to put down and pick up again.  Difficult to read from cover to cover as it can get a bit dry.  However I pushed through to the end because there was so much in here I wanted to learn about!

- How well executed?
Very.  Not extraordinarily, mainly because it had a few inconsistencies.  For example, some of her See Also terms should have been Search terms, and vice-versa.  Also, she added safety warnings onto some of the more dangerous kinks, but not all the dangerous ones.  I felt it should really have been all or none in that sense. 

- Negatives?
Mainly just the inconsistency.  I would have liked to recommend this book as a comprehensive encyclopaedia of kink and fetish.  I still do, but it’s not perfect. 

- Overall reaction
I loved it.  It is a fantastic reference for curious kinksters, fetish writers, beginners looking to learn more about our world, and anyone who doesn’t have a degree in Kinkology.  Be prepared to be surprised, learn a lot and have your mind pried wide open! 

4.5 cocks!


Buy this book if:

  • You like to learn, and want to learn more about all the various kinks that make up this world of ours. 
  • You want to have an encyclopaedic reference on hand to look up some of the kinks you hear about while in the lifestyle.
  • You have just recently happened upon this veritable banquet of kinks, and need a menu to decide what dishes to try next! 


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