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Female Submission: The Journals of Madelaine, by Claudia Varrin

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Female Submission: The Journals of Madelaine is the true story of Claudia Varrin's time spent in London as a sexual female submissive to a well-known British master. Unlike Erotic Surrender, the first book of this two-book set, which was written to empower the female submissive and make her feel pride in her sexual preferences, this book relates her actual day-to-day experiences while living with the master. Using the journals that Madelaine wrote in every day so as not to forget her experiences and emotions she felt as a sexual submissive, Female Submission provides a through the glass darkly look at real-time female submission, written for women by a woman.

The journals from which this book is written are very detailed and vivid, and many of Madelaine's experiences were extremely wild, edgy, and on the most advanced level of play. Private fantasy enactments, exciting public scenes in nightclubs, and frolics both fun and fearful at exclusive dungeon parties spice up the every day activities Madelaine was assigned to do as the master's slave. As Madelaine explored her submissive nature more deeply, she was able to access the most hidden desires in her own mind and enter into the downward spiral necessary to bare her soul and debase herself for her master without degrading herself or losing her self-esteem.   As the book progresses, the scenes get wilder and emotions become deeper, making Madelaine into a submissive who would do anything for her cruel, handsome master and strive to make his base, and sometimes savage, desires her own.

Amazon lists this title as being available in hardcover and Kindle format.  I read it on my Kindle. 

- How kinky?
Extremely.  This is actually the kinkiest book I have read so far (and that's saying something). It is also one of the few books where I have read the synopsis (above), and then found the book to actually live up to its claims.  Usually the type of boast, "many of (the) experiences were extremely wild, edgy, and on the most advanced level of play" make me want to roll my eyes, because often a book that makes these kinds of claims goes about as far as watersports or, occasionally, needle play.  But let me assure you, dear reader ... this is Kinky. As. Fuck.  Hurrah!

- How sexy?
Very.  I found myself constantly turned on.The scenes are described in a way that makes them really relatable, and are constructed and strung together in ways that don't break your concentration too much as the author segues from scene to scene - important, I have found, to one's ongoing "enjoyment" of the narrative.  Too much hopping from one scene to the next just brings a reader up and down too many times to focus on stimulation.

- How informative/inspiring?
Again, it is non-fiction, but in a narrative manner, so "inspiring" rather than "informative".  And inspiring it is!  There was a lot of material in here that isn't often spoken of, in case less understanding folks misinterpret the true meaning.  Anal kicking, pussy punching, anal stretching and punching, and that scene with the rope, are just some of activities that spring to mind - eye-opening passages describing these and other activities really re-awakened my lust for new experiences!

- How engaging?
Well ... not as much as I'd hoped.  The very continuity of action that makes this such a rich mine of sexy imagination fodder, also makes it difficult to read too much in one sitting.  It's like a tub of very deep, dark, creamy, fudgy chocolate ice-cream ... you savour every bite, but eating it all in one go would ruin the decadent experience.  It's the law of diminishing returns, really.  I personally enjoyed it in smaller morsels, and all the more for it.

- How well executed?

Very well written.  Like many submissive memoirs I've read, I still do doubt it's authenticity.  Not it's authorship, which appears to be genuine, but the alleged day-to-day truth in description.  It is of course possible to have had these experiences, of course, but so rarely do we find so much heady ecstasy with one partner that it makes me wary of anyone who claims that such experiences happened to them in the space of just a few weeks, let alone months or years.  In addition, she makes reference to several apparently "well-known" events and personalities, none of whom I can find reference to in the bottomless annals of the interweb (to my disappointment). Nevertheless, well written, well constructed as a whole, and completely believable - true or otherwise.

- Overall reaction 
EDIT - I do warn that there is heavy and constant drug use. If that bothers you, do not read it.
I loved it.  It was a really enjoyable read from start to finish.  The characters aren't always likeable, just as in real life, and the situations aren't always comfortable, which reflects reality also.  There's no editing of the narrative just to fit into a fantastical magical kink-realm here, which certainly adds weight to the true-story idea.  There's too much "doing" and not enough "thinking" for my personal tastes - the same kind of writing style that turns me off Tolkien, too.  But that is entirely, 100% subjective, and many many readers will adore this book.  Set to become a re-read and re-re-read classic on my bookshelf.  I had a hard time not giving this five cocks ... so five it is!

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