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The Pleasure's All Mine: Memoir of a Professional Submissive, by Joan Kelly

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When Joan Kelly took a weekend job as a professional submissive in a private dungeon, it seemed she'd finally found a perfect outlet for her pent-up desires. Suddenly, Joan was being paid to do things she'd only fantasized about. Having spent several years scouring the Internet unsuccessfully for a man who would dominate her in the bedroom without getting on her nerves outside of it, Joan had nearly lost hope of satisfying her sexually submissive urges. Now, using her professional name, "Marnie," she was being paid to do only what she felt like with kinky men who didn't even expect to have any real sex in their sessions. To Joan, it almost felt like being paid to practice the art of self-centeredness - except for the part where she had to kneel and address strangers as "Master." The Pleasure's All Mine offers the reader a rare, intimate, often amusing, sometimes disturbing look into the life of a professional submissive - one whose drive for self-acceptance and respect is as relentless as her sexual need for the services she provides. Readers will experience many humorous, bizarre, frightening, and utterly entertaining events through the perceptive and insightful eyes of this writer.

Amazon lists this title as being available in paperback and Kindle format. I read it on my Kindle.

- How kinky?

Not really.  If you're looking for extreme examples of kink, this ain't the place to find it. She covers the pretty usual stuff - spanking, foot worship, ice water - but nothing more shocking than that.

- How sexy?
Relatively. There are some very well-decribed, well-detailed scenes in here, but again, that's not where the book's real charms lie.

- How inspiring?
Possibly. As I said, she does go into some scenes in detail, and there are some ideas to be found - ie how she, as a sub, figures out how to top on command, and how to like it and be good at it. But that's not the focus of the story, and much of the detail is fairly useless for purely inspirational purposes.

- How engaging?

This. This is where the real beauty of Kelly's writing lies.  I found this memoir so engaging, I considered calling in sick just to stay in bed and keep reading! (I didn't, though. That would have been "very naughty, Alex".)  I genuinely needed to know: what happened next? What happened with this character?  With that relationship?  It was great.  Right up until the end.  The last page.  When you get there, you'll know what I mean. 

- How well executed?
Brilliant. The quality of the writing is top-notch. I didn't even catch a single spelling or grammatical error - all too common, these days. The characters are finely drawn, and the gorgeously descriptive writing is in perfect harmony with the well-balanced dialogue and well-described environments. There were some disappointments, such as: there seem to be some episodes missing (whatever happened to K? It is alluded to but never explained), and some scenes seemed slightly unneccessary (I'm looking at you, Scene With Todd Bridges). Overall, however, I had to remember it is a memoir, and whatever people choose to reveal or not reveal isn't my business. As a reader however - slightly off-putting.

- Negatives?

THE LAST PAGE.  I actually thought the end of the book hadn't been delivered to my Kindle properly. But no, that's just how the book ends.  Worst. Ending. Ever! I hate you, whoever's idea it was.  Hate you.

- Overall reaction
 Great book, really enjoyable and very funny.  Highly recommended to people who enjoy memoirs of the kinky kind.  Just don't scream in frustration when you reach the last page, like I did, and scare your pets :)

4 cocks!

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