Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Toybag Guide to Canes and Caning, by Janet Hardy

Description from Amazon:

A primer on the history, glamor, technique and art of erotic caning, including sections on cane styles and materials, pacing, warmup, aftercare, positions, first aid and safety issues. Includes a special section (on) making and maintaining your own canes from inexpensive natural materials!

Amazon carries this title in paperback and Kindle format.  I read it on my Kindle.  

 - How kinky?
Caning has become one of the more popular, and possibly well-known, of all the kinky activities.  I wouldn't say it has become mainstream, but it is certainly not as far-out as some other kinds of play. It might be ... medium kinky.

- How accessible?
Very.  This little guide answers all your basic questions in a very relatable, informative manner.  From why people like it, through to how to choose the perfect first cane for your needs, it really does have everything a novice might need to know before they get up and go to try and buy their first cane/s.
- How informative?
Quite! Hardy gives a quick history of caning, and goes on to give a wonderful overview of all the most basic topics concerned with the practice. There are photographs of the various kinds of implements, and even photos of positions for the caner and canee to assume. Perfect for the budding cane aficionado.

- How well executed?
Very.  The author is clearly an enthusiastic caner and canee, and writes with love and devotion on the topic, in very non-threatening, matter-of-fact language.  Lovely.

- Overall reaction
This, unlike the roleplay-based Guides, is perfect for throwing into your toybag.  There is information about the different types of implements and materials, so you can take it with you when shopping for canes.  There are photographs of caner and canee positions, so you can refer to it when trying out canes for the first time.  It has information on the various sensations to be felt from the different types of implements, ideas for warming up and cooling down during a scene, as well as the best ways to provoke the desired responses in a bottom. There's basic pain processing, beginner's safety and first-aid, and even a section on making your own canes, and ongoing cane maintenance.  Fantastic, and the perfect size to chuck into your bag for quick and frequent reference.

A note:  Do try your best to buy this in hard copy.  The formatting in the Kindle version presents (relatively minor, but annoying) issues with the photos and their captions.

Five cocks!

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