Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Toybag Guide to Clips and Clamps, by Jack Rinella

Description from Amazon:

From simple wood clothespins to a variety of metal and plastic devices, clamps offer infinite possibilities for painful and pleasurable fun. Covers types of clamps, where to place them, and psychological issues, plus zippers, weights, nets and other advanced techniques.

Amazon carries this title in paperback and Kindle format.  I read it on my Kindle.  

 - How kinky?
Clips and clamps are another type of play that serves as a "gateway" toy for many novices in the BDSM arena.  They can range from light and occasional, to heavy-duty and hardcore.  In this, they can represent a bridge between the not-very-kinky and the kinky-as-fuck.

- How accessible?
Very.  This Guide has so much information, ranging from basic to advanced, it would be difficult to find anyone who can't learn something from it!  Novices, and those who have never before played with this type of toy will find the information, and the way it is presented, extraordinarily accessible.
- How informative?
Very.  I learned so much. This slim volume is near bursting with detailed information about these wonderful toys, including photographs and safety information.  The author gives so many ideas for different uses of the various kinds of clips and clamps, and describes in detail their varied materials and the corresponding effects on the skin.  There is safety info and some first aid.  He advises on cleaning and caring for your collection, and importantly, areas of the body that are best to clamp.  A truly indispensable reference title for novices and those new to these types of toys.

- How well executed?
Quite.  The author clearly knows his stuff.  He does cover quite a lot of ground, and has a strong vocabulary to boot.  Extra points for use of the word "abrogate" :)

- Overall reaction
There was one facet of this type of play that I expected to find ideas on, and did not, which surprised me.  That is, that there are so many types of toys that fall under the umbrella of clips and clamps, and they are of such varied shapes, makes and materials, that roleplay scenes can be very well served simply by the use of appropriate clips.  For example, a scene involving a housewife using simple wooden pegs; an office scene employing heavy-duty bulldog clips; medical scenes using stainless steel hemostats; an industrial setting utilising evil-looking alligator clamps (or battery clips); a historical, religious or worship-type scene with the elegantly beautiful cloverleaf clamps ... and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  This kind of idea wasn't included in this book, but it does contain so much more.
This, like the Guide on caning, is perfect for throwing into your toybag.  Take it with you when purchasing clips and clamps, and you will definitely need to refer to it when trying them out for the first time.  The ideas for pre- and post-play, and the info on appropriate aftercare, are truly excellent inclusions.  Anyone interested in these kinds of toys will appreciate this brilliant title.

A note:  As with the caning Guide, do try your best to buy this in hard copy.  The formatting in the Kindle version presents (relatively minor, but annoying) issues with the photos and their captions.

Four cocks!

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