Welcome to Dirty Filthy Book Slut!  

Called so because sometimes, that's what I feel like.  

My name is Alex James.  No, it's not my real name.  I am an owned submissive woman in my early thirties, living in Sydney, Australia.  I read constantly, about many, many different topics that interest me.  I love reading porn, and also non-fiction about BDSM, learning about all the different kinks and fetishes that make up this crazy/amazing world of ours.

I read so much, spending far too much every week on books (mostly on Kindle, but that's to save cash) so I thought I'd at least make good use of it all and write some of it down.  What I ultimately want to do is help people.  I want to answer questions to which, for a serial book-purchaser such as myself, the answers can sometimes be frustratingly elusive: Which books are worth purchasing, and why? Which books are a waste of your time and money?  Which books and authors should you consider if your interests are unusual, and specific? This is where I truly want to guide people, and to help them make the best decisions, so that their shelves aren't peppered with trash and time-wasters - like mine are!

I review only from my own perspective, and so many a time readers will not agree with my reviews.  Harsh as it sounds, that's not really my problem.  I'm only one person, and can only review/score books as one person :)  

If you'd like to suggest a book to me, check if I'm going to read it, or if you have any questions for me at all, please don't hesitate to comment on any page!  I'll always reply! 


I do have a tendency to read stuff more than once, and may edit my posts after another reading. In these cases I will always link to the original review, and may even update my score. Where possible I'll also list what format the book is in that I've read, and where I got it from. 

I have included Buy This Book If ... points, as I feel this was always my true purpose in creating this blog. See this section if you are considering purchasing the book, and wondering if it's really for you. 

Nowadays my main reviews always follow a set formula - in business "weasel-speak", they'd be called Key Performance Indicators.  

  • How kinky?  How much actual kink is in it? Or is it just vanilla-porn-with-handcuffs?
  • How sexy?  Does it get me in the mood? Or is it clumsy and a turn-off?
  • How accessible? By this, I specifically mean, is it good for novices?  Or is it geared towards a more advanced audience, with knowledge prerequisites? (See also: Good for novices tag)
  • How informative (for non-fiction) or inspiring (for fiction)? Inspiring in this sense meaning: scene-fodder, or just useful for jerk-off fantasies!
  • How engaging?  Could I put it down? Did I want to pick it back up?
  • How well executed?  How literate does the author appear to be, in general?  Do they use words, sentences, paragraphs well? How is the grammar, the spelling, the structure?  You would be surprised how many published authors cannot write well!
  • Negatives?  Bitch, bitch, bitch, whine, whine, bitch. Feel free to skip if you're not feeling it :)
  • Overall reaction - Rated on a system of 1 to 5 cocks, because of course!

I also use tags, so feel free to click on one from the list on the right, and filter according to your preferences.  

  • 5 cocks - because I want to draw extra attention to the books that, I feel, excel in their niche
  • a note from DFBS - notes from your host, Alex Lowe
  • bdsm - (see below)
  • explicit - foulmouthed and swear-heavy. My favourite!
  • fiction
  • good for novices
  • instructional
  • key kit - this is a list of books I feel should be on everyone's shelf, (well, those who are interested in their subject matte, anyway)
  • kindle - because it's cheaper than the real thing, and not all books are available this way
  • memoir
  • non-fiction
  • other kink - (see below)
  • physical side - deals with scenes, toys, games and actions more than, or as well as, the intellectual power-play
  • psychological side - covers the topics involved in power exchange, mindfucks and the relationship side of the lifestyle, more than or as well as the fun play stuff
  • writing - my own humble little fiction series (more to come, I promise - pun intended)

A Note In regards to the differences between BDSM and "other kink", as I've termed it, is this: BDSM, in the usual 21st century colloquial understanding, is Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.  Most of us are pretty okay with that term, as it covers a lot of ground. But when I feel that a book reaches outside those ideas, towards things like slavery, animal play, age-play and ADL, etc (and so much more in this world), I have tagged it "other kink". I don't want to offend anyone with my usages.  They are very likely not going to match up with many other peoples' usage. But I have tried to point the way for those who feel their lifestyle goes beyond the all-too-common umbrella of BDSM, and give a little leeway for books that cover so much more ground than that term implies. I apologise in advance if you feel my attempt at diplomacy is insufficient or ineffective :)

So, that's me, the original Dirty Filthy Book Slut.  Enjoy my blog, and more importantly, enjoy reading!


  1. Hello. I have recently published my first novel to Amazon.com. Mercy 's Fate*The Submission of Melody* It is available in kindle and paperback formats (293pages). There is also a short kindle preview(12000 words) of the full length novel. This is a story of the early days of my wife's introduction to our Lifestyle, and follows our experiences closely. If you are interested I would love to know what you think. There are also some free excerpts on my profile at fetlife.com (Masterofmercy) so you can see if it is something you would be interested in. Thank you for your time.
    Michael (Masterofmercy)

  2. Fantastic! I have actually come across one of your posts on FetLife, and subsequently added your book to my wish list!

    I will make it priority to read it this week, and review it. I hope you don't mind me being honest :)

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    DFBS (tinyzen on FL)

  3. Thank you for your honesty. As this was my first writing attempt (never wrote anything before, not even short stories) I was expecting that there would be "difficulties " Lol. I am looking at this novel as somewhat of a crash course /learning experience. Some of the problems you pointed out I was already aware of, (punctuation /editing, overuse of euphamism) Typical noob mistakes from what I understand. Unfortunately I am doing my own editing which is amazingly tough. Even more difficult than writing the book. My plan is to take what I learn from critical reviews of Mercy 's Fate, try to fix those problems in Mercy 's Fortune, Then combine the two into one re -edited whole. A monumental task, I know. Thank you again for taking the time to review Mercy 's Fate.

  4. Thank you for being cool with my review! I can only be honest, and I'm glad you're okay with that :)


  5. I'd like to submit my book for consideration: Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships, on Amazon and other stores.

    Here is another blog post about it: http://deferringtodave.blogspot.com/2013/01/book-recommendation-leading-and.html

    and more info on the book (including the trailer) here: www.Coachlyon.com/dsbook

    This book has the voices of hundreds of D/s partners and is also recommended as a self-help book for D/s relationships and for better understanding for their loved ones.



  6. Thanks Chris! I have had a look at the sites you linked to, and I have added your book to my reading list! I may not get around to reading it for a month or so, however I always review the minute I finish reading. So watch this space!